Stand out from the crowd

"Great businesses that stand out from the crowd are really about two things—ideas and people. That's why the truly great companies I have gotten to know think of marketing and human resources as the new 'power couple' inside their organizations. These are, after all, the two functions responsible for ideas and people, and thus, for helping to invent the future."

Break the barrier

"The major barrier to (customer) engagement is organizational rather than conceptual: given the growing number of touch points where customers now interact with companies, marketing often can’t do what’s needed all on its own."

Get the entire experience

"Positive Customer Experience is more meaningful than just measuring customer satisfaction. Customer experience reflects the entire customer lifecycle while customer satisfaction is just a one-time measure of how products and services meet or surpass customer expectations."

Engagement has positive impact on customer experience and the bottom line:

"Increased engagement leads to 20% increase in business performance and 87% decrease in likelihood of employee turnover"
Corporate Executive Board, Corporate Leadership Council, 2012

"High engagement firms have total shareholder return that was 19% higher than average; low engagement organizations have total shareholder return that was 44% below average."

One firm was able to use employee engagement data as a leading indicator in stores; engagement scores led to increase in customer satisfaction and revenue growth."
Economics of Engagement White Paper

"Organizations with high levels of engagement (65% or greater) outperform total stock market and have total shareholder return 22% higher than average vs. companies with low engagement
Aon Hewitt 2012 Global Engagement Report

"27% of best-in-class organizations are able to use data to link changes in profitability to employee engagement initiatives."
Aberdeen Group 2012 - The Rules of Employee Engagement

Customer Experience Impacts Loyalty

The World Insurance Report 2013 from Capgemini and Efma indicates that "nearly two in three customers are at risk of attrition with a neutral or negative customer experience."

"Best in class organizations improved customer retention, customer satisfaction and revenue per employee at twice the rate of industry average organizations."
Aberdeen Group 2012 - The Rules of Employee Engagement

Recognition Drives Engagement

From Bersin & Associates 2012: "Meaningful recognition causes increase in employee engagement and productivity by 14%"

"The top drivers of job satisfaction worldwide are opportunities to use talents and career development. The top drivers of contribution include regular specific performance feedback and clarity of what the organization needs and why."
Blessing White 2011 Employee Engagement Report

"Only 17% of organizations have standardized rewards and recognition programs."
Aberdeen Group - Analyst Insight: How Employee Recognition Drives Organizational Performance